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Where is this Chevy coming from?

Lately I've been seeing numerous examples of this crossover, a Chevrolet Captiva, which looks like it's a last-gen clone of the Saturn Vue.

I took a picture of one yesterday on my phone but in a frustrating sequence of events resulting in the picture's deletion, I can only show you this image I yanked from Google.


Pretty much all the examples I've seen have looked like this one. But I cannot for the life of me figure out where people in the U.S. are buying these things. Chevy's website for the American market did not yield anything, nor did their Canadian site. Surely people in the midwest aren't buying these things in Mexico? Does anybody have any answers for me on this? It's starting to kind of bug me. :S

Also, here's the Wikipedia page for the car. Apparently they shouldn't exist anywhere in North America. Weird.


Update: Apparently the image I copied in doesn't work. Here's a Google Image search for the car.

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