My Mom bought a new Odyssey today. She was definitely on a time constraint as she, my dad, and two siblings are leaving for the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow and needed the car before then. She test-drove last Saturday, negotiated price via email (she lives 90 miles from the nearest Honda dealer), and let the… » 11/25/14 2:11pm Tuesday 2:11pm

This is probably common knowledge, but I only just learned this summer that the Dodge Intrepid (and its siblings) was a FWD car (which I knew) with a longitudinal engine (which I didn't know). This still blows my mind because I know nothing about engineering. » 11/12/14 11:58am 11/12/14 11:58am

Something similar to this happened to me today. Trying to schedule an appointment with my advisor in the College of Music. Clicked the link to the appointment calendar and sent to the site for the College of Engineering's advisor calendar. Went by the office in person later, nobody in. Go figure. » 10/24/14 10:29pm 10/24/14 10:29pm